Last updated: 30/10/20

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Suspected or Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

We hope that you and your families are continuing to keep safe and healthy.

As of today’s date, Manor Montessori has now been reopened for 4 months, following the March Lockdown. We are very pleased to report that, to date, we have not had a positive case of COVID- 19. This is thanks to the great efforts being made by parents, children, staff and visitors to comply with the procedures and protocols that were established back in June. We very much hope that everyone will keep up this concentrated effort as of course we are all well aware, and particularly given that the country is at Level 5, that we need to be continually vigilant and planning for potential positive cases.

In this regard, we would wish to draw your attention again to the Manor Montessori COVID-19 Response Plan (published on website) as updated in Sept 2020, in order to refresh on the issues involved. In particular, we would like to draw the attention of parents and guardians to the following:

(i) If a suspected case were to occur (child or staff member) the procedures identified in Appendix 6 of the COVID-19 Response Plan will be implemented. You may be required to collect your child from the school and keep the child at home during the restriction period;

(ii) Section 8.0 of the COVID-19 Response Plan identifies certain scenarios that might apply should the school experience significant staff shortages, or be closed or partially- closed by HSE Public Health, and your attention is specifically drawn so that you can give consideration and contingency planning to the potential scenarios identified therein;

We would also ask you to note that, if a positive case were to be confirmed, and your child is identified as a close contact, we may be required to provide contact details to HSE Public Health for use in their contact-tracing procedures. This could include parent’s/guardian’s names/address/email/mobile number. This data would only be used for the sole purpose of contact-tracing in respect of a COVID-19 case;

We attach herewith an information document published by the DCYA on the First5 website which you may find of interest as it provides some useful guidance and includes examples of COVID-19 experiences at other childcare facilities..

Warm regards,
Manor Montessori School

Manor Montessori School & Nursery, 'Park House', Ashdale Road, Terenure, Dublin 6W