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We have a large garden divided into three areas of different surface textures. Children enjoy a variety of play experiences with the use of climbing frames, play houses and free running space.

After-school Club

After school service runs throughout the year and during school holidays.

We collect from a number of schools in the local area and provide the children with a hot and healthy home cooked meal upon arrival.

Our staff team allocate time to supervising homework, providing art and crafts, music and drama activities and outdoor games and sports.


Summer Camp

The Manor Montessori summer camp runs throughout July and August and provides children with a summer holiday full of fun activities and games.




Our large bright room provides a variety of carefully selected materials that stimulate and encourage all areas of development.  We have an adjoining sleep room and easily accessible designated garden.


Toddler Room

Full of fun activities, the toddler room encourages exploration and stimulates a child’s natural curiousity. Here provides the opportunity to develop strong communication and social skills.


Pre-Montessori Room

Pre-Montessori provides a carefully structured play environment with a wide variety of activities and learning material.  The room is divided into specific activity areas; open play, problem solving, construction, relaxation and rest, role play and dress up, and natural sensory.


Montessori Rooms

Our bright and cheerful Montessori classrooms are divided into specific learning areas; Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Culture, Science and Geography. There are quiet areas for rest and relaxation and messy areas for arts and craft, sand and water play.

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